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Our voyage through HumanField was ten days long. Voyagers were young people aged 15-18, with no previous experience in theatrical work. During this journey we dealing with our life experience and have tried to turn it into the theatre.
The work on the human communication as well as the research of the techniques of the physical theatre were helpfull in mobilization of the body and voice. This was the way to improve the relations within the group, to develop the intuition and to discover all the new ways of nonverbal communication.
In this work we have been trying to evoce our dreams and remember of daily events, to understand and accept them as the part of ourselves. It wqas important also to put all this an the stage in the form of theatre and to make it closer to human being - the spectator.

Jasmin Čamdžić, Amir Mehčić, Davor Borić, Faruk Hodžić, Aleksandra Erić, Lejla Ramić, Senad Salihović, Sanel Mušanović, Samir Sinanović, Melisa Selmanović

Trip Guides:
Dragana Alfirević, Dejan Garboš (Craft Theatre)