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drama performance
authors and performers: Dragana Alfirevic i Dejan Grabos
movement supervision: Rodrigo S. de Carvalho
music: Vedran Vucic
lights: Vladimir Petrovic
photo Svetlana Asner
D.Garbos In founding the Craft Theatre, we are assuming that a human being with his/her energetic potential is the pivotal point of any artistic creation. Our work relies on the basic concepts of J. Grotowsky and E. Barba; and is based on our striving to address another human being with our personal story. All this makes our approach and our work experimental in its exploration of various forms, but also in their dismantling and the search for the very essence. The work in the Quartet performance representsthe outcome of the recognized affinity of artistic temperaments and the ensuing cooperation between the actors D. Alfirevic and D. Garbos, and the dancer and choreographer Rodrigo de Carvalho. D.Alfirevic

The clash of contemporary dance the dancer persuits for more than twelve years on one hand and an actor`s expression and physical theatre on the other yielded an exciting result , which confirmed once again that the categorization of theatrical expression is far less important than the esseence it carries.

Our exploration a man-woman relationship has been conducted through a year-long process climixing in the Quartet performance. This process had its starting point in the ERG V.I.R.U.S. performance and continued with various short pieces (Tiny Nameless Play, Arrival, Ray), assuming its full meaning with the Quartet. It contents are explored prallely on two planes. One involves exploration of manifold layers and aspects of gender relations, with the emphasis of our own personal experience and and authentic emotions. The other pertains to the theatrical form most suited to expressthe emotions and communicate them to the audience to the fullest possible degree.
Starting point for this work were precisely our own emotions, experiences, fears, doubts, dreams, defeats, our erotic obsessions, hidden savageness, latent perversion or the genuine virtues.
"All the things that exist move through various dimensions and influence on one another. Everything is in a Quartet, circumscribed by outer limits of the number four, moves inwars longing to become One."